About ImpexRFP

ImpexRFP turns costly, time consuming and inefficient paper based processing of Australian Health Certificates & Export Permits into a streamlined online process.

ImpexRFP is a simple and cost-effective web based application enabling export permit requests to be lodged over the internet.

The application interfaces to the EXport DOCumentation (EXDOC) system operated by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) in order to obtain the Phytosanitary/Health Certificates for Exporters of certain prescribed goods such as Grain, Horticulture, Dairy, Fish, Meat, Inedible Meat, Egg, Wool and Skin & Hides.

ImpexRFP’s web based electronic certificates deliver unsurpassed productivity gains to Exporters by eliminating delays and costs associated with the traditional combination of paper and courier based certification involved in obtaining of Export Permit Numbers (EPN) and Certificates.

ImpexRFP is a user friendly tool and supports the needs of both large and small exporters in one simple, time saving process.

The RFP, or Request for Permit, is the electronic version of the manual Notices of Intention to Export (EX28s and EX222s), which the EXDOC system has been designed to process electronically.

Interfacing with the EXDOC system enables the automatic generation of a Health Certificate / Phytosanitary Certificate/Certificate as to Condition etc. (eg EX46, E16, E171) as required by Importing Authorities.

In addition to processing the RFP, EXDOC can also obtain an Export Declaration Number (EDN) from Australian Customs Service (ACS) on behalf of the exporter via the Single Electronic Window (SEW).

Benefits of using the Electronic web-based ImpexRFP application include:
  • Faster turnaround time as Electronic messaging and elimination of manual processes results in message status updates in minutes
  • Reduced DAFF charges as DAFF fees for electronic certification are significantly lower than manual certification
  • Remote certificate printing at exporters’ premises eliminates courier/postage charges and wait time
  • Ability to obtain Export Declaration number (EDN) from Australian Customs along with the RFP in a single message without the requirement for a digital certificate
  • Reduced Messaging Costs & Errors to lessen the chance of a hold up in export clearance and inspection
  • Secure Electronic Message Transfer over the internet using industry standard SSL technology
  • User friendly tool allows you to copy previous messages and lodge new Request For Permit (RFP) in minutes
  • Standardised editing and business rule interpretation
  • Up-to-date reporting on the message status
  • A fully supported and managed service that assures high standards of service, reliability and the best customer support when you need it most.
  • Anywhere/Anytime/Any Device Access– Being a web-based software it can be accessed at any time/place and on any device
  • Mulituser Access– Multiple users can login to the application and can review RFP status
  • ImpexRFP works right out of your web browser, without the need for expensive additional software

About ImpexDocs

ImpexDocs provides “Seamless Trade Solutions” to companies integrating their foreign trade business processes with software solutions. These solutions allow companies to automate and manage the complexity of their global trade, compliance and logistics processes.

ImpexDocs solutions and services can be used by companies dealing in exports and their associated service providers such as freight forwarders, bureaus, shipping lines etc. (sea and air exports).

ImpexDocs is registered as a software supplier with Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF)).

ImpexDocs offers a complete Export Management Software Suite consisting of the following products and services:

The products are modular in nature and can be purchased as standalone or as an integrated bundle to form a seamless end-to-end solution to streamline exporter’s documentation and regulatory approval needs.

For more details refer to www.impexdocs.com.au.