Changes in documentation request


National Documentation Hub for Electronic Phytosanitary Certificate

The NDH will be implemented on 17 February 2014 for clients in the South East Region (SER). The SER is predominantly Victoria, but also includes the Riverland, Riverina, East Coast of NSW, including Eden and Barmera in South Australia. Tasmania will be rolled into the NDH at a later date. If your business is located in another state or territory, but inspections take place in any of above locations, you must follow the NDH procedures outlined in this brochure. The NDH will be implemented progressively in other regions over the next 6 to 12 months. Existing procedures will remain in place for other regions until NDH implementation. In line with NDH procedures, requests for issuing export certification, including the Notice of Intention (NOI) or Request for Permit (RFP), will need to be emailed to

Clients are encouraged to submit one certification request for multiple consignments belonging to the same exporter, as the entire time to process the documentation will be consolidated and Fee for service charges applied. If documentation requests for the same exporter are submitted at different times, the processing time will not be consolidated and Fee for service charges will be applied accordingly.

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