Market Access Achievements


Market access gainedAchievement

Live buffalo to Vietnam

Achieved market access for live buffalo to Vietnam.

Cherries to Thailand

Regained market access for cherries to Thailand.

Hides and skins to TurkeyRegained market access following agreement on export certification.
Kangaroo meat to PeruAchieved market access after acceptance of Australia’s proposed health certificate.
Macadamia nuts to EcuadorMarket access gained for macadamia nuts-in-shell for consumption.
Teak seed for Sowing to PeruMarket access gained for teak seed sowing to Peru.
Tallow to KoreaRegained market access for tallow based products in Korea after Korea’s acceptance of revised export health certification.

Market access improved

Market access improvedAchievement

Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement

Free Trade Agreement negotiations between Australia and the Republic of Korea concluded in December 2013.

Cherries to China

Following an audit by Chinese officials, market access has been granted to Tasmanian cherry growers.

Fruit to PhilippinesImproved market access following agreement on revised export protocol for fruit export including favourable cold treatment conditions.
Soybeans to IndonesiaImproved market access by removing a five percent tariff on soybeans.
Beef and live cattle to IndonesiaImproved market access for boxed beef and live cattle via removal of Indonesian quota system in favour of a reference price mechanism.

Horticultural products to Indonesia

Improved market access for horticultural products via removal of Indonesian quota system in favour of a reference price mechanism.

Market access maintained

Market access maintainedAchievement
Exported products to all marketsMaintained existing access to all markets for Australian products after implementing new security paper for export health certificates.

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