• ImpexRFP's web based software has helped our organization save time and money by obtaining electronic Health/Phytosanitary certificates. The software is easy to use. One can create a new RFP in minutes and responses are quick. The software support is excellent.

    Amanda Dunn Agracom Pty Ltd

  • Since last year, we have replaced the manual certification process with ImpexRFP software. This has allowed us to obtain the health certificate from DAFF electronically which has helped our organization save both time and money. This is because the web-based software only requires a simple internet connection unlike other softwares which require dedicated phone lines, modem as well as the purchase of the software.

    We have found the support team from ImpexRFP to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable. In the test phase, we have been provided with excellent training and instant assistance.

    Thank you ImpexDocs, for developing such a wonderful program with friendly ongoing assistance.

    Jenny Zhou BB Wool & Skins (Aust) Pty Ltd

  • The ImpexRFP software is very easy to use and responses are quick. The web based nature of the software enables us to access it from anywhere. The promptness of response to our questions and resolution of technical issues have been outstanding. Overall, its improved our efficiency in the export process significantly. I would highly recommend it other similar exporters.

    Jonny Holdsworth Lempriere Grains